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Phone:  615.724.3645 or 270.904.5188

Fax:  615.371.0686

Email:  dacadmin@directaccesscoordination.com


With you and our community. With the need for people with disabilities to have direct access to services/supports  and community resources Direct Access Coordination was established.  We are:

  • An  Independent Support Coordination and Case Management  Provider with over 30 combined years of experience
  • Your personal NAVIGATOR  through the Home and Community Based  ant the Supports for Community Living (SCL) Waiver services and support system
  • Established with a VISION  to empower all people to live their best lives
  • A Person Centered Organization
  • Guided by our MISSION  to Coordinate services & supports that provide people with intellectual disabilities Direct Access to community resources and services that empower them to have the best lives possible
  • Accessible 24 hours/day
  • Advocates for freedom of choice and community connection